House on the Square Europe

1800 $/m²
Дом на площади Европы
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Latitude: 41.651223
Longitude: 41.635680

Europe Square
მანძილი ზღვიდან: 
200 m
სართულების რაოდენობა: 
ჭერის სიმაღლე: 
მეტალოპლასმასის ფანჯრები

Elite apartment house: The monolithic building with a facade from travertine. 4 entrances. Entrances and ladders are trimmed by high-quality materials. Metal-plastic windows with double glass. The house is equipped with elevators. Entrances are equipped with iron doors. Internal partitions in apartments can be built at the request of the client. The house is connected to the central water supply systems, the sewerage, power supply and gas. The house is put in operation.

Flats: from 52 to 170 m2

In one of the most beautiful places of the city, in part of old Batumi, on Europe square, the residential building of stunning beauty is situated. The combination of the middle Ages chaotic and the early Renaissance regularity, of the Italian motifs of complex Gothics combined with the laconic classics, make the building so strict and eclectic. The bay windows with decorative photons and the attics with Italian baroque windows complete the harmony of the building, forming a more aesthetic appearance of the building. The windows offer magnificent views of the square on which there is a statue of Medea with a golden fleece in hand, surrounded by the old houses.

Walking through the area, you feel as if you were somewhere in Europe. Stained-glass windows that adorn the building and the wooden panels in combination with the old clock carry you into the world of the middle Ages. At the same time, walking down some ten meters, you will find many modern shops where you can buy everything, from souvenirs to food and equipment. Nearby there is a cozy patisserie serving excellent pastries for every taste. Farther, there is a variety of restaurants with different cuisines. Some banks are operating for 24 hours, so you can be served at a convenient for you time. On the territory of the boulevard, which is located a few meters from the building, you have an opportunity to visit beautiful cafes, nightclubs, casinos and night beach parties with a variety of music for all tastes, from electro to R & B.

Due to the location of the building in the city center, you can easily take a walk to any place, or use the services of taxi companies, which are operating for 24 hours.

Commercial and residential areas are offered for sale, black frames. All the necessary communications and technical equipment meet all the standards. The offered apartment’s space varies from ??52 sq.m. to 170 sq.m., therefore, you can acquire a property that meets all of your needs. The owners are provided with a parking space in the yard, also, there is a children's playground on the territory of the building.

Cost of living area varies from $ 1799 per square meter. Of the commercial area-  $ 3,000 per square meter.